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Sports impart health and agility of mind in a practical manner on the play ground. At Delhi Public School, Meerut sports and games are an integral part of education. Playground is a place of transformation and the nerve centre of all activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders. Role models in the field of sports are admitted for their passion globally. We host many sports competitions at national and school level to promote a healthy relationship between the teams.

The dance curriculum provides means of personal expression and emotional balance. It also inspires the students to participate in various events and broadens their knowledge of art and other skills. Different forms of classical as well as modern dances are being incorporated in school curriculum to help children develop co-ordination of mind and body , and to nurture the ability to focus, and maintain intense concentration. Dance can improve and correct posture, it helps to strengthen a child who is physically weak. It also gives children a sense of movement, rhythm and an appreciation for music.

A unique school, which in its balance of pedagogical and technological elements, provides the optimum conditions are learning. Scientific temper is inculcated in each child through exploration, observation & discovery. A handsome approach is adopted at all developmental stages leading to conceptual understanding and an inquisitive and analytical mind. Emphasis is laid on sensitizing the learners to the application of concept in not only day to day lives but also in the service of humanity and as a major instrument for achieving goals of self reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development. Science as a stream is introduced for senior classes in wide ranging programs covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The programs provide a scientific approach to advanced studies. Students are exposed to the latest developments by regular visits to Science and Research Centers.

Visual art is an expression of creativity and imagination. It as an outlet for individual thought, visualization and interpretation of ideas, events and environment. The elaborate Art Studio with the finest faculty guide the children to achieve finesse through numerous techniques and History of Art. It is not just directed to evolve artists but to infuse in each child an aesthetic sense and appreciation of beauty in life and surroundings. The Visual Art Department has a wide range of activities: Fine Arts, Craft Work, Clay Modeling, Sculpture, Commercial Art, Best out of Waste, Paper Recycling, Aesthetic Appreciation, etc.

There is no better moment than seeing a child placing his wet hands to twist, poke, pinch and turn the clay to handle the potter’s wheel. We have ceramic artists and trained potters to kindle this therapeutic art form in our students. The pottery lessons are specially build to make the students feel closer to nature and develop their aesthetic skills. Young artists, sculptors and potters feel free to express themselves by creating different and unique pottery.

The first outcome of the bond between Delhi Public School Society & M. P. Singh Foundation is Delhi Public School Meerut. It is an ambitious venture of the M. P. Singh Foundation which inculcates and develops in the students and qualities and potentials that are value oriented and humane, ensuring that it preserves and nurtures the talent of the individuals. DPS Meerut has successfully moved into another year of excellence and there has been no looking back and we have been achieving milestone after milestone. Down the years, DPS Meerut hosted plethora of activities and many of our students, in the due course of time, have brought laurels to the school by getting selections in various IIT’s & other reputed institutes of the country.
2006 – Inauguration of International Skating Rink, Volleyball, Basketball courts by Mr. Narendra Kumar, Ex-Chairman, DPS Society National DPS Classical Dance Festival ‘Nrityamala 2006’
2007 – 1st Inter School Drawing Competition, ‘Expression’
2008 – 1st Inter School English Debate
Organized 1st 20-20 Inter School Cricket Tournament ‘Challenger Cup’ at DPS Meerut Visit of Mr. Praveen Kumar, Cricketer, India
2009 – 1st visit of Hon’ble Shri Ashok Chandra, Chairman, DPS Society
2010 – CBSE Cluster athletic Meet International, Tchoukball Match India V/s UAE
2011 – Annual Inter DPS Football Tournament (U-14) Boys for North Zone-III
2012 – National Inter DPS Athletic for Girls Under-14 24th North Zone Junior Athletics Championship Inter DPS Dance Festival “Nirityanajli” 16th CBSE National Athletics Championship
2013 – Nrityanjali (Inter DPS Dance Festival)
2014 – Inter DPS National Multi Sport Meet Boys Open Category
2015 – CBSE East Zone Championship for girls Inter DPS National Multi Sports Meet Boys Open Category Spic Macay: Various forms of Indian classical music, dance, folk art, craft and folk theatre use to organize different programs from time to time in DPS Meerut.


To understand is to discover or reconstruct by discovering and such conditions must be complied with if in the future individuals are to be formed who are capable of production and creativity and not simply repetition. – Jean Piaget

In order to cater the educational and interpersonal need of different age groups, the school is divided into 4 groups. These include classes Pre-Nursery to Prep, classes I to V, Classes VI to VIII and classes IX to XII. The school curriculum and infrastructural facilities have been designed to meet the needs of the students of each specific class group. To make learning more challenging and meaningful, scholarly pursuits are supported by tutorial guidance, laboratory work, field excursion, participation to co-curricular and sport activities. The search for individual and group excellence is facilitated through participation in Interclass, Inter House and Inter school competitions, including Inter Level competition.

The auditorium has been designed to have a clear audio visual experience and promote the talents of the pupils. It is well equipped and includes the light and sound effects. The stage provides ample space for expression and inspires all students. It has also greeted many dignitaries who have been the guests of honor for various events held here.

Many cultural activities like Investiture ceremonies, Farewells, special assemblies and competitions are also held in the Amphitheatre of the school.

Workshops and seminars are conducted, both for the students and teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge and gain a wider perspective on various topics like Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Teaching methodologies, language (Sanskrit and English) etc.

The itinerary for every upcoming session is dappled with amazing and interesting plethora pf co-curricular activities inter school & Intra School, all with the solo objective, to provide extensive opportunities and exposure to children to chisel their innate talent & potentials. There is show case of various talents in the field of performing and visual arts. Dance Festival ‘Nrityanjali’, Hindustani Vocal Music Competition ‘Swaranjali’ and many other like painting, fancy dress, and quiz competitions are held here. Activities like Recitation, Elocution, Quiz Competitions, Rangoli Competition, Individual talent show, Fancy dress, School band, Performing arts, National sporting competitions, Jump bunch, Adventure camp etc aim to make the students fit for the future and also develop a sense of competitive spirit in them. Accomplishment of such takes infuse in them leadership and team spirit qualities which in return prepare them to face the undaunted tasks and turbulent world of future. All adventure are focused towards engineering attitudes and resurgence of a “can – do” spirit in the students.

Special assembles are held on various occasion and festivals like Independence Day, Mothers day, Diwali etc. The auditorium decorated according to the occasion and dance, music, recitation, drama are performed to educate the pupils about the festival or occasion.

Spic Macay, ‘The Society for the promotion of Indian Classical amongst Youth’ ensure that the student rediscover their culture through various forms of classical music, dance, folk art and theatre. Programs of the same are organized in DPS Meerut throughout the year.

There was a time, not so long, that our nation’s youth were fit, trim and physically active. As a result childhood obesity has become an American epidemic. To combat this problem, as well as nurture his own growing interest in Child’s fitness Delhi Public School, Meerut has introduced “JUMP BUNCH” as a children’s fitness programme in the school Jump Bunch is a structured sport and fitness programme for youth children.


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