Principal's Message

With the positive winds of economic upswing, coupled with a stage where the middle class and society is going nuclear in size and the household is being served with more than one source of income, aspirations have remarkably risen in the quality of education that young couples wish to give to their wards. Liberalization policies have brought world class universities to India to set up satellite units and encash on the winds of change elucidated above. This is further exacerbated by a surge of International Schools being set up in Tier 2 cities. It is in this environment that we wish to set a template that embellishes the best of all the worlds at affordable state to give parents the best value for their investment.

A judicious mix of academics to pitch the children at the forefront of the demands of entry to professional courses with a solid grouping on value based education, to produce responsible future leaders and first citizens of this country, has been the driving force of the Institution. Rather than accept what is presaged in classes, an unquenchable thirst to question why, at every stage is incited. This has been done primarily to instil the DNA for original research and development environment. The current trend of the country to produce goods devised by others or provide services to meet the demands of other economies needs to be arrested to create original artesian wells of ideas which will sustain the nation in the long run. To achieve this, changes need to be effected at the grass root level and this is where we are focused. A collaborative effort to pool experiences and lessons learnt will alone yield the recipe that will launch our children into the orbits that we all desire. This is our motto and the results of the recent past bear this out. We look forward to you joining our endeavors and give the budding children a memorable journey as they course through their green years.

Jai Hind!
Principal, DPS Meerut